Rivertown Inn

Rivertown Inn - 306 West Olive Street - Stillwater, MN 55082 - (651) 430-2955

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Whole House Rental Package at Rivertown Inn, Stillwater, MN

gourmet breakfast offerings at Rivertown Inn, Stillwater, MN


Your visit to the Rivertown Inn is designed to be a rejuvenating and fulfilling experience in every way.
Each dish served at Rivertown Inn is a reflection of owners Jeff and Julie Anderson, who believe that beautiful food should be
healthy and energizing while nourishing to the body, mind and soul. That's why the Rivertown Inn is committed to
promoting health-conscious gourmet dining while supporting local growers, artisanal food producers, and organic agriculture. 

We spare no expense and take every measure to ensure our ever-changing menu features clean foods and fresh flavors. 
Taste the difference ... we use organic eggs delivered to our kitchen weekly from a small Wisconsin farm, fair trade premium coffee
roasted locally, organic fruits and vegetables, ocean-friendly fare, handcrafted artisanal cheeses from local farms,
100% all-natural meats, and other top-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Below is a sampling of some of the breakfast menu choices at Rivertown Inn:

Brulée of Pineapple with Fresh Berries and Mint Sauce
Gluten-free Buckwheat Pancakes served with Caramelized Bananas
Poached Egg over Crostini and Potato Dauphinoise
Fat-free Yogurt with Honey and Vanilla served with House Granola and Fresh Berries
Poached Apricot Turnover with Strawberry Compote
Egg Soufflé with Tofu, Roasted Shallot and Asparagus over Potato Gratin with Bella Vitano Cheese
Cranberry Muesli
Pan Cooked Banana with Crisp Puff Pastry
Poached Egg on Crostini over a Potato and Kale Hash

Menu choices subject to change based on seasonal availability of ingredients.

Please talk with our chef about any dietary requests you have. 
He is more than happy to prepare dishes that accommodate your needs.

Breakfast is served in the dining room promptly at 9:30am Friday-Monday mornings.
Breakfast service is not available Tuesday-Thursday mornings.

Upon request, a continental breakfast may be delivered to the privacy of your room.